5 Effects of Air Pollution


5 Effects Of Air Pollution

The atmosphere we live in and the environment that surrounds us is majorly formed of air. However air can be broadly divided into either the healthy/pure air or unhealthy/impure air and the later has very harmful effects.

The air around us is said to be polluted if it is characterised by the existence of some not so healthy micro particles or unwanted harmful gas. The polluted air often tend to affect our lives adversely and its negative effects are sometimes life threatening. The entire balance in the ecosystem can turn upside down by such polluted air. The causes of pollution in air is however man made and are reliant on the activities of men. Thus,

Man is the cause and man himself is the sufferer of the consequence.

Some protect their stances by saying that these pollutants in air is because of the progress that man has made in the last 40 years. However some major countries has realised the importance of fresh air and has installed projects like Clean Air Act, which would at least do small bit for the cause. However, India is majorly preoccupied with the idea of development failing to realise the importance of healthy air in the environment. Thus, some immediate acknowledgement is required for this issue before it is too late.

5 Harmful Effects of Air Pollution


It is also popularly termed as the “ground level ozone”. The reason behind this name is because it is formed from combustion of fossil fuels reacting with sunlight.

Smog causes

    • Harm to eyes leading to irritation of eyes.
    • It can also cause throat swelling and hamper the lungs mainly catering to people who are exposed that is  people who go out for work or exercise.
    • People with asthma and allergies are mainly in emergency because it can trigger the symptoms and initiate asthma attacks.


Soot or called as particulate matter is mainly formed of tiny particles of chemicals, soil, allergens smoke or dust. This is mainly in gaseous form or solid form that is carried away in air. Soot is mainly the excreted end product from cars, trucks, factories, industries etc.

It has the potential to cause

  • heart attacks,
  • bronchitis and
  • even hasten death.

The smallest air borne particle can penetrate lungs and thus enter bloodstream and lead health emergencies.

Hazardous Air Pollutants

Either deadly or have major health risks, these are a major threat to life. Most prominent are mercury, lead, dioxin, benzene and are regulated by the law. There emission are also most efficiently associated with combustion of gas, coal or found in gasoline or benzene. Carcinogens present in it can cause skin and lung irritation for short moment and in long term can cause blood disorders.

Dioxin can affect liver and can affect immune system, endocrine and as well as reproductive organs.

Lead in large amounts can damage brain and kidneys.

Mercury can affect the central nervous system as a whole.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are harmful end products of traffic exhaust and wildfire smoke. They cause adverse effects and are linked to eye and lung irritation, blood and liver issues, and even cancer.

Greenhouse Gases

All the hallmarks of climate change, extreme weather conditions, rise in sea levels, heat related death, and infectious transmission of heat related diseases like Lyme all are the effects of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases were entitled with the job of trapping the sunlight and maintaining earth’s temperature. But increased percentage of these gases are leading to all the disturbance.


Pollen allergies are very familiar and are worsening due to climatic change.  The increased levels of pollen allergens will make people suffer from

  • runny nose,
  • fever,
  • itchy eyes,
  • asthma,
  • itchy throat and other symptoms.
  • MOLD

Mold are the particles obtained from trees, weeds, and grasses and are carried in air and are exacerbated by climatic changes even more. Though molds aren’t the result of human activities but are included in the category of air pollution. Mold exposure can increase level of asthma attacks and initiate allergic responses.

These effects are undoubtedly alarming and an issue that demands a red alert but controlling the levels of air pollutants and shifting to biodegradable methods would surely reduce the risk and alleviate the problems.


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